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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Floyd Mayweather’s strange Irish demand; ‘Homophobic’ slur slammed

WELL, there you have it. The circus is over.
One of the biggest weeks in boxing promotion history has wrapped up, ending in another expletive-ridden press conference in London to close out a four-day tour of madness.
There’s no question Conor McGregor came out the winner. Rarely, if ever, did the Irishman look out of his depth during the the four-city tour.
McGregor taunted his foe in front of another one-sided crowd Saturday morning (AEST), stealing Mayweather’s mic from his desk as he commandeered the arena.
“He could have rode off into the sunset 49-0,” he said. “Instead, this is my first time in a boxing ring and in six weeks, I run boxing!
“Now let’s get it straight, the bulls**t is now over. Six weeks, I’m gonna sleep this fool. And when I sleep him, I’m gonna bounce his head off the canvas as well.”
Mayweather bit back immediately.
“I’m a gorilla,” he said. “And I eat through fighters like you, b***h.”
The 40-year-old then brought UFC fighter Nate Diaz — who sensationally choked-out McGregor at UFC 196 in 2016 — into his barrage of insults.
“Somebody get Nate Diaz on the phone. It feels so good to be at the top and never lose. You know what it’s like to taste defeat. I will never taste defeat.”
Floyd upped his game but it wasn’t enough to win over another one-sided crowd.
Floyd upped his game but it wasn’t enough to win over another one-sided crowd.Source:Getty Images
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In a week dominated by almost every expletive in the book, it was only a matter of time before one of the fighters was called out for being too offensive.
McGregor was the first to put himself into the firing line after making a “racist” remark in Floyd’s direction, asking him to dance for him midway through their Los Angeles press conference.
“Let’s address the race,” McGregor said the day after. “A lot of media seem to be saying I’m against black people. That’s absolutely f***ing ridiculous. Do they not know I’m half black? Yeah. I’m half black from the belly button down.”
In London, it was Floyd’s who copped the backlash for filthy comments.
As the boxing legend took the mic, he let emotions get the better of him, calling McGregor a “f**got”.
“We gonna talk about this bitch. You punk. You f**got. You ho,” he said as the crowd cringed.
Spokesman for Athlete Ally, a LGBT group in the sports community, slammed Mayweather for his outburst.
“Athlete Ally strongly condemns the homophobic slur used by Floyd Mayweather,”he told USA Today.
“Resorting to homophobic and racial epithets is shameful no matter how or why one uses them.”
Fans slammed Mayweather for the slur on Twitter as the press conference took yet another ugly turn.
Floyd Mayweather calls Conor McGregor a "faggot." McGregor then flips him off. You all still enjoying this?
Floyd, obviously not flustered with being ridiculed in front of thousands of McGregor fans, made a weird request of UFC president Dana White.
“This is the last stop?” he said. “I’m ready to go to Ireland.
“Dana can we go to Ireland? Tomorrow, let’s go to Dublin.”
The 49-0 legend claimed he could take over any country before making the stunning claim he’d be a “real champion” in the UFC.
“I can conquer any country, they should have came and got me for the UFC if they wanted a real champion. I run the Octagon, I run the ring, me!” he said.
McGregor clearly seemed up for a fifth showdown as he laughed and said: “Yes, I’d do it let’s do that.
“When I spark you August 26th, I’m going to make you face me in the rematch in the Octagon.”
Both fighters have been scolded by the media for their trash-talk.
Both fighters have been scolded by the media for their trash-talk.Source:Getty Images

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